You are why I do what I do...

Here is how my story began


Hi there.  Im so truly happy you stopped by and I wanted to take a few seconds to introduce myself to you.  Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

Sandy Giancola


First a little about me. . .

Hi, my name is Sandy Giancola and I am the Owner of Chagrin River Creations.  I am a wife to a wonderful man of 35 years, and I am blessed with a fantastic son who is 22 years old.   I have been creating and crafting most of my life.  When I had my son I was lucky to be able to stay home but still needed extra income.  I took care of my son during the day and crafted into the night.  I held craft open houses to bring in extra income when he was a baby.  When Anthony started preschool I started a cleaning business which I loved and kept at it for 13 years. 

To Go Back a Bit. . .

In 2010 I lost my sister to pancreatic cancer and my world changed.  I didn’t want to put off anymore what I really loved doing.  I  continued to run my cleaning business but in my spare time I started learning what it would take to be able to truly do what I loved and have done since I was a young girl… creating, painting, cutting my own wood projects, making floral arrangements , wreaths, you name it, I did it. Being crafty and creative have always been my passion and will always be, helping others bring out their creative side is another passion of mine.      The difference was I wanted to take my creative business online instead of holding craft shows in my home like I did when my son was very young.

Well let me tell ya its been a challenge and many years of learning, that’s for sure.  Creating an online business was definately a huge learning experience for me (which by the way will continuely be a learning experience).   Well I kept at it, changed directions a few times, found great mentors, pushed forward, fell back more times than I can count, cried when I needed to (and yes, it was alot, and still do, lol).  It has taken a bit of time, but life thru curve balls that I never expected. 

My Goal is. . .

to continue to make beautiful things for your home and to help others learn to craft and make beautiful things for their home.  I would love to one day share my experience and help other Creatives start their own on-line business thru teaching what steps worked for me and what didn’t and how I made it happen even thru some very dark times and please know that you have what it takes too.   I truly believe that we have to jump thru that wall of fear that hold so many of us back, and get out of our own way, and know that anything really is possible, it only takes you to believe it.   Dreams really can and do come true. 

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me.  Im always happy to help as best I can.



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