Creating a BumbleBee Tiered Tray

Designing your own Bumblebee Tiered Tray

Step 1 - Find a tray you would like to use.

You will want to find a tray to display your items on.  There are so many options and places to get tiered trays.  The one I used is from Amazon and linked here.  It is a white distressed 2-tiered tray and one of my favorites.

Step 2 - Gather Your Items

Items you will need to add to your tray.

  • Mini signs of your choice  (you can find my handmade bumblebee signs here.)
  • Matching and coordinating items, such as florals, greenery, sprays, etc.  (you can find these just about anywhere, from Walmart to any craft store)  I just choose colors to match my theme.
  • You will possibly need something to raise some of your items up to be able to see them better on your tray.  For this tray I used foam blocks (you can find them here).
  • I also look for knick knacks that will add to the theme of my tray.  The little marshmellow mug I used (on tope of tray) can be found here.


First, there is no wrong way to design your tray, make it fun and pleasing to you.  With this tray I took my “Always be Kind” sign and put in on the top tray sitting in front and added some greenery to fill in the blank space underneath the sign, you can find any kind of greenery at Hobby Lobby or Michaels, mine was from Michaels.  On the top tray in the back I created a riser out of 3 or 4 foam discs, you can find those here, by stacking them and wrapping coordinating ribbon around it and secured it with floral pins, see here, and below the riser I added some styrofoam sheets to give it more height (see pic).  I then placed the cup, with decorative straws, you can find straws here, on top of the riser.  To clean it up just add more greenery to hide the styrofoam sheets.

On the bottom tray I added a couple pieces of the styrofaom sheets so the signs on each side would sit level.  I used an extra large yellow hydrangea flower head and placed it right in the center  of the tray which hides the styrofoam, I then added a little greenery and the hydrangea leaves on each side, and in front of the Honey sign I added a little honey pot I found at Home Goods.  The large bee sign I just sat to the right of the tray.  (I also added some curly ball sprays in a spring cup behing the Bee with heart sign.   You can add florals or greenery if you have large empty spots you wish to fill.  And there ya go, something bright and pretty to add to your home. 

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I'm Sandy Giancola. My mission? To inspire women to create and see their own uniqueness so that they too can do what they love each and every day.

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