DIY Pumpkin sign

Learn how to make this simple pumpkin sign using mostly dollar tree items.

Step 1 - Collect your items

I purchased from the dollar tree, a simple black frame (9.25 X 9.25)  I also bought, which I used for the background, a microfiber Scrubber, seemed like the perfect size, and I was looking for a black background with a little dimension.  The wood pumpkin, you can get right from me, you can find it here.  It is a laser cut 8.356″ x 7.714 inch wood pumpkin laser cut from 1/8″ baltic birch, this is what I used.  You can use any choice of cardstock you might have laying around, I have plenty (I used to make handmade cards) or you can purchase one sheet at Michaels or Hobby Lobby.  My two sheets are from the paper studio, you can pick whatever kind of design or colors you like, I chose an orange checked sheet for the pumpkin and a green design for the stem.

I simply took the cardboard out from the frame and laid it on top of the microfiber pad, pull as tight as you can to wrap it around the back of cardboard, I folded each corner down first and then the side flaps over that, I hotglued it securely to the back of cardboard, if you don’t have a hot glue gun, you can use heavy duty tape to hold it in place.  I then put it carefully back into the frame and lock it in with the metal hooks on back.

I then took my wooden pumpkin and traced in onto the paper I chose and cut it out on the inside of the line.  Then take your mod podge and cover the wood pumpkin in a thin layer, then added my cut out pumpkin piece and placed in on top, make sure you get the bubbles out and it is smooth, I just use my fingers to do this.   Then add another thin coat of mod podge directly over entire pumkin.  You can leave the stem the same color or add a different paper for the stem which is what I did.  I added mod podge on stem, put green paper on top and added another thin layer of mod podge.  Put aside and let dry (doesn’s take long at all to dry.)

After it is dry, take your leaves and faux flowers, I did have these at home already, but you can find them at most craft stores where all the supplies are for scrapbooking, or you can just use mini flower heads and leaves of your choice to match your project. 

I first glued down the leaves, I used three, but then I wanted to add a couple darker green also and added those at the end.

Next I just took jute twine and made double loops on each side and tide it in the middle to make a bow.  I then glued that bow on top of the leaves with hot glue.  I then glued 3 mini paper flowers on top of center of bow and added the two larger green leaves, one of each side, behind the lighter leaves.

Lastly I hot glued the entire back of pumpkin and attached it to the front of frame.  ( I put a couple heavy bottles of paint on top of it while the glue dried so it stuck securely to base)

And there ya go, it’s now ready to hang on a wall or I placed mine on my fireplace where I needed a pop of color. 

This looks like a lot of steps but it takes probably under 30 minutes from start to finish, and you have a really cute sign you made yourself.  The colors and ideas are endless.  Have fun (don’t forget you can purchase the blank wood pumpkin right in my shop, click  here.

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I'm Sandy Giancola. My mission? To inspire women to create and see their own uniqueness so that they too can do what they love each and every day.

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