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Special Listing- Custom order Jessi Oct. 22


1.) Spinkles shaker- could you do shades of blue spinkles like you did for his cake you just made? Then the custom ice cream tag to say: life is sweet


2.) Gumba with brown belly- anything game related as shaker including the Nintendo switches you’ve made before would be fun. And the Mario mushrooms etc.

6” Stomach for shaker what’s Lil Nintendo switches and Mario mushrooms.

45.00 plus 1.25 Svg

3.) the kart could just be a standalone sign no shaker as I agree, it doesn’t have much that could be Shaka me except possible the wheels which I don’t know would show much anyways?

As for sizes of them all- no particular size in mind… maybe 4-6” each somewhere in that range?!

6” Mario Cart as is standalone sign

40.00 plus 2.50 Svg

Need before November 13.

123.75 plus shipping minus 10%
111.37 plus shipping

Out of stock