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Special Listing- Custom order Jessi Sept


1.) Can you make a mini tag out of this to tie onto my mini mason jar. With 3 pumpkins on it, not 4.


2.) Also a personalized sign (similar in shape and size of the fireworks sign you made me) with the kids English and Korean names below each of the pumpkins. 3 total pumpkins on the sign. (of course these would need to stay private/not shared). If so, could I get them pretty soon?

40.00. + 2.25 Svg

3.) Can you make 3 mini pumpkins for my mini mason jar- one with each of the kids English and Korean names (like you did for the mini candy corns) using the pumpkins from this listing above

$10 each. $30.00

4.) Could I have a tag made from this:

35.00 + 2.18 Svg

5.) could you do 2-3 mini acorns in different shades of brown/burnt orange by chance? Like 2-3” big shaker signs?

3 three mini shaker acorns

20.00 each. 60.00

Need by November 1st:

6.) Can you add N’s English and Korean name to the top tier of this cake? Made in shades of blue if possible? Large stand alone shaker sign. (I’ll do the other two kiddos later)

75.00 plus 3.30 svg

7.) Can you make a free standing sign of this? Similar to the candy corn one you just made me:

40.00 plus 1.99 svg

Look what I found on Etsy:

Thanksgiving Mommy’s Little Turkey Cut File eps,png,dxf and svg file for the Cutting Machines NO:0120

8.). Mommy’s little Turkeys mini tag to tie to my mini mason jar. Need to change little turkey to little turkeys please different font is fine. 🙂

Can you use this same turkey from this file to make 3 mini turkeys, personalized with their English and Korean names to put inside my mini mason jar

One mini tag three mini turkeys

$10 each/. $40.0. + 1.99 svg

Total. _$341.71

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